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Savannah Competes with Tammy’s Man(ning)

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Everyone knows that Peyton Manning playing on TV gets Tammy’s undivided attention. But last Sunday Savannah decided she wanted to compete with Tammy’s Man(ning).

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Is Tammy Pressing Her Luck with Peyton?

I knew Tammy loves All Things Peyton but it may have sunk to a new low. This morning she was pouring over her Fantasy Football lineups and had a wide receiver dilemma on one of her teams. She had to … Continue reading

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Tammy’s Man(ning) Didn’t Disappoint

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For the past three years Tammy has drafted Peyton Manning as her quarterback on at least one of her Fantasy Football teams. But this past Thursday night was the first time she was able to actually see him LIVE on … Continue reading

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The Man(ning) of Tammy’s Dreams

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Tomorrow night Tammy will be closer to the man of her dreams than she has ever been and it might be painful for me to watch. Peyton Manning is coming to town to lead the Denver Broncos against the Chicago … Continue reading

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Tammy’s Gone and May Never Come Back

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My wife is gone and I can only hope she’s going to come back home. OK, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but she IS in Denver now and that just happens to be the same place as the one … Continue reading

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(Swim)Suits Tammy Just Fine

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As Tammy is packing for our upcoming trip to Myrtle Beach, which of course means I’ll be posting Travel Logs of our journey, she held up a suitcase and made an announcement. Tammy: This suitcase has all of my swimsuits. … Continue reading

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Tammy’s Take: You (Must) Love So Much About Me

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Obviously inspired by my loving post yesterday, Tammy wrote a response anniversary post. I couldn’t imagine the last 7 years without you and all I can say is “thank you for loving me.” Thank you for doing my laundry and … Continue reading

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Walking with Tammy Is Scary

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Tammy and I often have fun times together but sometimes they can be scary as well. Since we had an extra day together last week we decided to take a walk. Our normal walks consist of a quick trip around … Continue reading

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Prepping for Doomsday Tammy’s Way

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Over the past few years I’ve talked to Tammy about turning the back room of our basement into a panic-type room that would be filled with supplies. She often laughed me off, but thanks to Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic, … Continue reading

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Tammy and Peyton: Five Degrees of Separation

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Tammy’s fascination with Peyton Manning has been well documented (here and here) but last night we hit a new low. At some point on Saturday Tammy found out that Peyton was going to be at the North Carolina-Duke game, which … Continue reading

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