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Not All Ornaments are the Same

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The struggles with our “main” Christmas tree this year have been documented, but it’s the story of our little tree that needs to be told. Our main tree may have net lights and random ornaments all over it, and the … Continue reading

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Our White Trash Christmas Tree

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Tammy and I decided to do something this Christmas that we hadn’t done in at least three or four years, put up a tree. Even more shocking was that it was MY idea. Last year we were in an apartment … Continue reading

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Thoughts from Christmas 2013

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Christmas 2013 marked my first return to Illinois since we left for Memphis back in February and it went by so fast that it all seems like a blur now. Fortunately, I was able to recall bits and pieces of … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Savannah Claus

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The Life of JWo hopes that everyone has a Merry Christmas.  Did the Savannah Claus stopped by to visit everyone last night?

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Christmas Has Already Arrived for Someone in Our House

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With Christmas is just around the corner our house, much like many others, is filled with gifts, some wrapped, some hidden and some in plain sight. On Black Friday I bought myself a couple of pairs of Crocs that I … Continue reading

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Was Early Christmas Present a Smart Idea?

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Tammy has never been on the cutting edge of technology but she got a little closer to it last night. That’s because she got an early Christmas present which brought her into the world of fancy pants phones (aka Smart … Continue reading

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Next Stop: Jell-O and Moth Balls

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No matter how hard we try to fight him, Father Time always catches up to us. I just didn’t expect him to catch me in the ice cream aisle at a local grocery store. Tammy and I were our way … Continue reading

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Wrapping Up a Busy Christmas Eve

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This time of the year is stressful enough what with the last-minute shopping and needing to be four places in one day. But at our house the act of getting the gifts wrapped would rank pretty high on the Holmes … Continue reading

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Coming Out of the Closet: The Reveal

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I must have swallowed several caterpillars on Friday because by time I pulled into the airport my stomach was full of butterflies. I knew Tammy’s plane had landed and made my way to the baggage claim where I anxiously waited … Continue reading

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Nervously Coming Out of the Closet

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While I’m excited that Tammy comes home today, I’m also very nervous and anxious because I did something she might not like. No, I didn’t got out and buy one of those new, super thin TVs or new video games. … Continue reading

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