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Da Bears at Da (Green) Beetle

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When we moved to Memphis we knew we’d be giving up some things from Chicagoland like deep dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs and a good gyro spot in every city. But one thing we weren’t ready to live without was … Continue reading

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Things I Have Overheard Pt XX

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I’ve been sitting on a lot of my overheard moments for the past month, partially because I didn’t want to have a “fun-sized” one in what is the 20th post of Things I Have Overheard. But also because Tammy and … Continue reading

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Late Night Bad Decisions

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Whether it’s taking home the ugly chick/guy from the bar or making someone think they can dance like MC Hammer (insert more modern dancing machine here), we all know that drinking often causes people to make bad decisions. While some … Continue reading

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My Wife’s X-Rated Evening

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Some of you that know my wife, Tammy, aren’t surprised at a headline like that, and honestly, neither would I, except for how fast things escalated. We stopped by our usual Friday night watering hole, the East End Grill, which … Continue reading

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Need to Put Some Feel Good in my Soul

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Just got out of bed after a 90-minute “nap.” I don’t know if it really qualifies as a nap since I was on the verge of shivering under the blankets the entire time. Tammy: Are you cold? Me: What gave … Continue reading

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Trying to Start a New Tradition

Tammy has really enjoyed our recent time off and was excited about having a few more days together before she has to go back to work. So I thought I’d try to make our last few nights together a little … Continue reading

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She Didn’t Know She Had One, Do You?

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Normally when we go out with friends I worry that Tammy will say something to embarrass me and I know she says the same about me. At some point in the night one of us will throw the other under … Continue reading

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Hectic Friday Turns Hazy

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Sometimes just getting out of the house with Tammy can be a chore and last night was no different. Originally we were sposed to meet some friends for dinner around 6 p.m., but us not getting home from running errands … Continue reading

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The Night I Lost My Cherry, errr, Cherries

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Everyone remembers the significant moments they experienced growing up, like their first kiss, when they got their driver’s license or drank their first beer, which hopefully wasn’t the same day they got their license. What follows is one of my … Continue reading

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