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Our Busy Saturday of Spelunking, Mechanicing and Rocking

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Saturday’s around our house aren’t usually very busy and are typically spent with Tammy watching Lifetime movies and me watching football in the basement. But that wasn’t the case this Saturday as we had two visitors that kept us on … Continue reading

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Where My Hose At?

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I’ve always said that regardless of the age my driver’s license says, mentally I’m all of 17 years old. Today was just another example of that being the case. We are watching our nephew, Gavin (2), and niece, Ellie, who … Continue reading

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I Guess It Had to End Sometime

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Well, I can no longer say I have never changed a diaper. It only took 39 years, 1 month, 13 days before I had to change one, but I did AND it went off without a hitch. After I released … Continue reading

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Is Today When “The Streak” Ends?

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As I’ve chronicled before, I have never changed a diaper. Ever. But I got a call this afternoon from Gavin’s Dad, Jason, saying Kristan’s water broke and that they needed me to come over and watch Gavin so they could … Continue reading

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A Poop Free Saturday?

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It’s very rare when the worse possible scenario doesn’t happen to me so I’ve developed the  attitude of always preparing for the worst. So it was no surprise that I worked myself up stressing about having to keep my nephew, … Continue reading

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My No Crap Contract

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One Saturday a month for the past year and half, Tammy and I have kept our nephew, Gavin, as part of a babysitting rotation. When our “time of the month” rolls around I usually say something like, “What?! Already?!?”, “Oh … Continue reading

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