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Sometimes My Movie Knowledge Shocks People

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We recently hired a new videographer (I’ll call him Devon) where I work and as you’d expect, he’s a big movie lover. Devon is always talking about how so-and-so movies were so great and he even makes special trips to … Continue reading

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Thoughts from Christmas 2013

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Christmas 2013 marked my first return to Illinois since we left for Memphis back in February and it went by so fast that it all seems like a blur now. Fortunately, I was able to recall bits and pieces of … Continue reading

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Farts are Funny, Especially My Brain Farts

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It’s a known fact that sometimes I get stuff mixed up in my head. Over the years Tammy has learned how to unscramble some of my brain farts. Today she figured out this one. Tammy: I don’t want to watch … Continue reading

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Full Moon Makes My Wife Do Crazy Things

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Sometimes I swear I think Tammy lives in her own little world, one that’s based on a combination of things she’s seen on TV. This morning was one of those times when her world reality and television blurred. I was … Continue reading

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Broken Resolutions, Wal-Mart and the Great White Death

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Everyone knows how hard keeping resolutions can be, but usually people are able to stick with them for the first few months of the year. I didn’t even make it through January. Back on New Year’s Day I wrote goals … Continue reading

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My First 3D Viewing Experience

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Last night while semi-decorating the house and waiting for Tammy to get home from shopping, I decided to watch a movie. For those of you that don’t know, Movies and Me Don’t Mix unless certain demands are met. Last night’s movie … Continue reading

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Movies and Me Don’t Mix

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Saturday, September 24, 2011 My wife’s birthday isn’t until Monday, but I went ahead and let her have her present last night. A few days ago she had mentioned that she’d like a gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret, which of … Continue reading

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