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The Old Man and the Sheets

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Well, I made it through another Tammy-less day but this time I didn’t sleep alone. For those of you that aren’t up-to-date Tammy is in Florida which means, for the most part, I’ve been left alone. After sleeping alone in the … Continue reading

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Home Alone (well, kinda)

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Yesterday was an a rough day for me as I experienced many highs and lows while riding the Emotional Roller Coaster. I had been standing in the line since Saturday so you’d think I would have been more prepared for it … Continue reading

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There’s a First Time for Everything

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Yesterday I did something I’d never done before and to be honest I didn’t even know was possible. At first Tammy couldn’t believe what I had done but when I produced evidence backing my story she was astonished. She knows … Continue reading

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Cliffs Notes: JWo’s Mississippi Adventure

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Since I’m so behind on writing my Thanksgiving trip to Mississippi I’ve decided to go all Cliffs Notes on the rest of it. For the younger crowd, back before the Interwebs, there was something called Cliffs Notes that students used … Continue reading

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An Award Almost as Good as a Leg Lamp

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I know I’ve used this line before and I prolly shouldn’t leave the word “Today” in it since I felt this way a few days ago, but it’s how I felt at the time. Today I consider myself the luckiest … Continue reading

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More Tales From the Road

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When we got up Wednesday morning I didn’t even bother trying to smuggle Savannah outside. It was too early and I was still tired so there was no way I was lugging her down the stairs. Plus I figured the … Continue reading

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Tales from the Road

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Road trips almost always result in good stories to tell and our journey Tuesday night was no exception. Right On Time I had decided to take Tuesday off with the intention of hitting the road around noon for our drive … Continue reading

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Getting Into My Wife’s Panties

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I realized something about my wife last night that left me wondering if she’s normal or if she has a problem. I don’t even know what words to use to describe it because saying she has an obsession sounds creepy … Continue reading

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Is Black Friday Worth a Good Suck?

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Around this time of year people are making plans for Thanksgiving and looking forward to visiting family. But for some, the best part of the holiday weekend happens on Friday or, as it’s more commonly called, Black Friday. The term … Continue reading

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Key to Success: Don’t Aim High

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I’ve never been big into setting goals. Don’t know why, just never was something I put too much thought into. I always struggled with the “what are your future goals” part of an interview or job review, because answering “to … Continue reading

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