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Ten Years Ago Today

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On this day back in 2005, I was standing by a small pond at Emricson Park in Woodstock, Illinois, wearing a white button-down shirt, a purple tie, slacks, and sunglasses. My stepson, Jake, was standing next to me and wearing … Continue reading

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What Are We Gonna Do When We Get There?

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It’s rare when something that’s getting a lot of hype lives up to the billing. Remember New Coke and Crystal Pepsi? What about the McDLT: Keeps the hot side hot and the cool side cool? Anyone remember the XFL or … Continue reading

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Prepping for a Packed House

My wife and I knew the house we purchased back in May was bigger than we needed for our day-to-day lives. But we knew it would be perfect in the future for when the kids came to visit for the … Continue reading

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Things I Have Overheard – June and July 2014

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The months of June (and July) flew by, which means that summer is one-third almost complete and that it’s time for another installment of Things I Have Overheard. Once again it appears as if I work in the adult entertainment … Continue reading

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Scary Moment in the Workplace

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Most days at my work are filled with the normal, run-of-the-mill, type of workplace conversations about projects, events and other coworker bonding topics. But recently it seems things have gotten a little weird. First there was the turtle-sex conversation (complete … Continue reading

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Something Weird Happened Today

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So today something weird happened in the office and I’m not sure which party is at fault. In all actuality, it could be both. A coworker of mine wore the same shirt today (Wednesday) that he wore on Monday. Weird … Continue reading

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Our New, Home Sweet Home

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The past few months have been incredibly hectic, but I’m hoping that over the next few weeks things will begin to settle down to the point where I can fall back into a routine and actually get to enjoy our … Continue reading

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My Time in the Terrible Twos

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Recently a co-worker was telling me about her struggles with her two-year old and it reminded me about a time when I was battling through the Terrible Twos. Tammy and I were still living in Illinois and we kept our … Continue reading

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This Valentine’s Day Will Be Different That Most

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I’m usually pretty calm when Valentine’s Day rolls around, because it’s never been that big of a deal for Tammy. Unfortunately that was not the case this year. Typically she’ll tell me whether or not she wants flowers in enough … Continue reading

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My Night (Dish) Crawling Through Midtown

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When we first got to Memphis I was on a feeding frenzy as I attempted to eat my way through my Food Bucket List. It wasn’t very healthy to keep up the pace I had set so I slowed down … Continue reading

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