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My irreversible condition

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Some men age gracefully, easily transitioning into middle age and embracing everything that comes with it. Then there’s me. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more cynical, sarcastic, snarky, and easily annoyed. Hell, in my Food 4 Thought column in … Continue reading

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Sometimes I can be a snob

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No one likes admitting they are a snob. It evokes comparisons to Paris Hilton, the Olsen twins, any of the Real Housebitches of Whatever County, or countless other pretentious people in society. Admitting that I can be snobbish at times … Continue reading

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Best If Used By…

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When you work in a department, you learn things about your co-workers on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes the information is good, as in “I volunteer at a dog rescue shelter,” while other times it’s bad, “my wife likes to … Continue reading

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The Life of Tater

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Despite what we see on the news on an almost daily basis, the world really is filled with nice people. But sometimes there are people who are so genuinely nice that it can be a little offsetting. That’s the case … Continue reading

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Debut of “The Hungry Curmedgeon”

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When I started The Life of JWo a little almost four years ago, I planned on using it as a place to document funny stories and events in my life. Writing about food and places I’ve eaten never crossed my … Continue reading

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The Day After St. Patrick’s Day

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For a lot of people the day following St. Patrick’s Day is about trying to function at work while feeling the effects of drinking large amounts of green beer, but for me it’s different. I’ve never been very big into … Continue reading

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Things I Have Overheard – June and July 2014

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The months of June (and July) flew by, which means that summer is one-third almost complete and that it’s time for another installment of Things I Have Overheard. Once again it appears as if I work in the adult entertainment … Continue reading

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Scary Moment in the Workplace

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Most days at my work are filled with the normal, run-of-the-mill, type of workplace conversations about projects, events and other coworker bonding topics. But recently it seems things have gotten a little weird. First there was the turtle-sex conversation (complete … Continue reading

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Something Weird Happened Today

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So today something weird happened in the office and I’m not sure which party is at fault. In all actuality, it could be both. A coworker of mine wore the same shirt today (Wednesday) that he wore on Monday. Weird … Continue reading

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Today’s Awkward Office Moment

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After reading a post about Aussa Lorens’s (aka the Hacker, Ninja, Hooker) Top Three Awkward Moments of Her Week, I felt inspired to write about something that happened in the office today. Earlier this afternoon I sat through a coworker … Continue reading

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