Why Don’t You…

By the time our 2013 Christmas in Illinois was over both Tammy and I had come down with The Sick.

I could feel mine setting in as we made our way from the 70º weather into the freezing temperatures that Illinois in known for. Since I typically get this version of The Sick once or twice a year, I began bombarding it with cold medicine not long after the first nostril clogged.

After a couple of double-clogged days, Tammy’s Mom suggested I try Afrin. Now I’m usually against anything going UP my nose, but she swore by it so I was considering it.

Then she told me you could only use it for three days in a row “because it’s addictive” and that sealed the deal.

I grabbed the bottle, headed into the bathroom and locked the door (Tammy wanted to watch). I took a couple of hits, checked my nose in the mirror, unlocked the door and headed out of the face everyone.

Much to my surprise the stuff worked, like instantly, and knocked out my head congestion for the rest of the trip.

Tammy wasn’t so lucky.

She caught The Sick not long after I flushed it out of my head, which was at least five days ago, and she still has it.

This is one of the areas where Tammy and I are opposites. I’m a medicine taker. The second I feel like something is wrong, I’m looking for something get rid of it.

If the directions on the box say “Take every four hours,” I’ll follow that, but in the meantime I’m going to take something else. You know, to help speed things along a little. I call it Medicinal Layering.

I may take anywhere from 4-8 pills throughout the day in order to kick The Sick’s ass. Tammy might take 1-3 pills a day and that’s only after I’ve pestered her so much she just wants me to leave her alone.

Such was the case when she got sick in Illinois. She sniffled and blew for 2-3 days but eventually took some medicine before we hit the road. We weren’t very far outside of Chicagoland and she was passed out.

Ever since we got back it’s been a battle to get her to take medicine. She’s even resisted when I brought up how The Sick always finds its way to her chest.

Me: It’s so weird that you always get the couch like that. I never get that.
Tammy: It’s because your head is so much bigger. There’s more room for it to move around in there.

I even stopped at Costco and bought a giant box of NyQuil because I know she’ll at least take that in order to sleep at night.

Yesterday she fell asleep on the couch so many times I lost count, drank endless amounts of hot tea and had multiple bowls of chicken noodle soup. She eventually found her way to the bed and I even commented on how she seemed to not be coughing as much.

Whatever she had done had quieted the Coughosaurus Rex that had set up in her chest… until about 1:30 a.m.

Her coughing woke me up but I knew she couldn’t help it and was prepared to wait it out. I think I feel back asleep a couple of times between attacks, but I could tell it was hurting her chest and throat.

Me: Why don’t you take something.
Tammy: Why don’t you shut up.

Her response caught me off guards, so I just rolled over and let her cough herself out and eventually fell back asleep.

Hopefully she’ll be better tonight, but I might take some NyQuil myself or stuff my ears with cotton, just in case.

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1 Response to Why Don’t You…

  1. The sick is terrible this year! I had to go get antibiotics, and I’m totally one of those non-medicine, never want to go to the doctor kind of people! Hope she gets better soon so she can kick your ass! lol

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