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For the First Time in a Very Long Time

Today I did something that I hadn’t done in well over two years and even though I know some of you will think it’s stupid, I felt myself getting emotional about it. I took off my Alzheimer’s Awareness and Livestrong … Continue reading

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Fiction: 48 Hours

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I started writing this in my head several months ago and eventually got around to getting the words down somewhere. Then I got it finished and have been sitting on it for a few weeks. I don’t know why I’m … Continue reading

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A (House) Hunting We Will Go

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Since the lease on our apartment is running out soon, Tammy and I have been looking at houses over the past few months and it’s becoming like a never-ending episode of House Hunters. Since Feb. 27th we have looked at … Continue reading

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My Time in the Terrible Twos

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Recently a co-worker was telling me about her struggles with her two-year old and it reminded me about a time when I was battling through the Terrible Twos. Tammy and I were still living in Illinois and we kept our … Continue reading

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Still Chasing the Bandit

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I’m definitely not what anyone would consider a “car guy.” Sure, I can replace my battery and change a flat, but I’m not someone who really wants to tinker under the car hood. Like most kids, I enjoyed playing with … Continue reading

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Things I Have Overheard – Jan. – Feb. 2014

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I never put much thought into February not being a “full month” until I realized Sunday that I was already two days into March. The last thing I remember was Valentine’s Day and not having to buy a card for … Continue reading

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