All in: My risky, and potentially smelly, move

Most days as I make the slow shuffle through the parking lot at work, I clutch my coffee and think about how much I want to win the lottery or what tasks are on my plate for the day. But today was different.

The only thought in my head as I entered the door today was, “I sure hope I don’t stink.”

No, I didn’t wear old socks or dirty clothes, or forget to shower or brush my teeth. I didn’t even forget to put on deodorant.

But what I did do was put on NEW deodorant, one that I had never tried — or even heard of — before.

Foul stench deodorant

Crazy, right?!?!

When it comes to deodorant I’m usually not one to take risks. I mean, why gamble with something as potentially hazardous as switching deodorant if you have one that works well. Same thing with toilet paper, but that’s a hole other issue (pun intended).

But that’s what I did today and I’m just praying my choice doesn’t come back to haunt me.


What on earth would cause me to do such a thing?

Influenster. 1280px-InfluensterLogo.svg


According to the site, Influenster is “a community for social media hotshots to share news, products, and reviews.”

I joined back in 2012 when I saw other bloggers writing about the free stuff they received from Influenster and my new deodorant is my 4th free thing I’ve received.


The two Degree Motionsense deodorants above are from the Influenster Unilever Dry Spray and Walgreens campaign.

The last time I got deodorant from Influenster was back in December 2014, and what I got (Gillette Clear Gel) was so good that I switched from the Old Spice I had been using for five years.

All In

The difference between then and now is that I tried the Gillette deodorant on the weekend, that way I’d be able to handle the failure privately.

That won’t be the case today as I went ALL IN. I didn’t even bring any back-up deodorant with me.

Crazy, right?

What’s even crazier is that I made Tammy go all in with the women’s Degree, and she was even more leery than me.

Tammy: Degree doesn’t work on my stink.


While I don’t know what exact brands of deodorant Tammy uses, I do know there are times she has struggled finding one that works consistently.

As many of you know, I’m very hot-natured and sweat a lot, but I rarely ever stink. There are times when Tammy, who is cold-natured and rarely sweats, will be right on the edge of stinksville by the end of the day. It’s like the deodorant has melted off during the day.

Her theory is that her body builds up an immunity to whatever deodorant she’s using and stops working, so she switches brands every few months.

Not me brother. Once I find something that works I’m sticking with it. Well, until someone offers me something free to try.

I’m pretty sure that makes me a whore, right?



But who cares, I’m getting to try something free and the worst thing that can happen is I stink today. I’ve warned my cubemates about it and asked them to let me know if I start to get ripe.

I don’t really want that to happen, but if it does you better believe I’m going to have some fun with it. I’ll go stand by an unsuspecting coworker and wait for their reaction.

So far I’m not thinking that’s going to happen. I can still smell the deodorant, which smells REALLY good by the way, and my underarms are dry as a bone.

Seems like my pits are adjusting nicely to the new product, but the real test will be to see how Tammy’s respond.

To check out Influenster for yourself click here.

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1 Response to All in: My risky, and potentially smelly, move

  1. rheath40 says:

    I haven’t read your blog in what seems like forever. I forgot how funny you are. Thank you for making me laugh.

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