We Can’t All Be Winners

A few days ago a fellow blogger, Mom in the Muddle, wrote about how all of the trophies her soon-to-be-nine-year old son has “earned.”

Even though Jake and Ashlee have long since passed the “Get a Trophy for Everything” stage, I could relate to her assessment of how out of control everything has gotten.

But it wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that I realized how far the “No Kid Left Behind” epidemic has reached.

No one scored or no one wins?

Jake is coaching a 5th Grade boys basketball team and this afternoon we went to his game where it appeared no one was keeping score.

They kept score last season when he coached 5th Grade girls so I kept looking to see if someone, somewhere was keeping score. But that didn’t seem to be the case because when the game was over both teams jumped up and down as if they each won the game.

I don’t agree with the whole not keeping score thing and think it, along with the banning of “tag,” are part of the Pussification of America.

Because I know not keeping score is “all the rage” nowadays, I can’t say that I was totally surprised by the lack of an official scorekeeper.

But what I saw hanging over a doorway leading out of the gym DID surprise me.

The visual alternative to giving every kid a trophy.

Seriously? You won if you had fun?

My team scored 20 baskets to your team’s 4 but we’re both winners!?!?

Not only did my team WIN, but my team even had more fun because we kicked your team’s ass all over the court.

Then as we were walking out of the gym I saw another sign that sent me on a rant that Tammy endured through the parking lot.

With proper diet and exercise a body can last a lifetime.

Me: That sign said “with proper diet and exercise a body can last a lifetime.”
Tammy: Yeah.
Me: That’s so full of crap.
Tammy: Why?
Me: Because if we ate like crap, never exercised and died then guess what, my body lasted a lifetime.
Tammy: That’s true because if I get a disease and die then my body lasted a lifetime.

Cut from the same cloth we are.

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4 Responses to We Can’t All Be Winners

  1. visitingmissouri says:

    Luckily for those kids, grown-up life is keeping score of everything.

  2. muddledmom says:

    There is something incredibly wrong with not learning how to lose and children need to learn how to do it. It’s painful, sure. We can barely play the Wii at home because my son bursts into tears when he loses, but he just finished a losing season of basketball. They lost every game but their last and he never complained. He lost a spelling bee recently and he was just proud of his accomplishments. At some point, kids have to learn that you do lose. You don’t get into the college you want or the promotion you want. Now, about those trophies. Anybody want a trophy? I have a few extra.

  3. The Party Crasher says:

    It is the empty rewards that the GP (Gen Pussification) have that has led the the entitlement of todays young adults and teens! Learning to loose GRACEFULLY makes you a see that there is more than just “Me”!

  4. You and Tammy are definitely meant for each other. And I agree about the whole winning thing. As long as I keep winning.

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