Why Are You Here?

I’m one of those people who needs a few minutes after waking up for things to register and for everything to start working properly.

Huh? What? Why are you here?

Remember my “Huh? What? Where Am I?” moment back in July? Well, I had another one of those this morning.

It wasn’t quite as bad as me telling Jake, who was beating on the backdoor for us to let him in, I was still in Mississippi while I was laying in bed next to Tammy, but I still failed to function properly.

Tammy and I were startled awake by our house phone ringing around 6 this morning. We never answer our house phone because no one calls that line except telemarketers, so hearing it ring while it was still dark outside definitely was odd.

I’m not entirely sure how many times the phone rang because I only heard it once before the answering machine kicked on and I heard a female voice saying my name.  It sounded familiar but in my dazed state I couldn’t make it out.

Me: (very groggy, thinking) Who was that? Was that Kristan (Tammy’s sister)?

At this point I think I must have fallen asleep because it only seemed like two seconds passed before I heard a dog barking.

Me: (still groggy) That’s gotta be Kristan. Why is she here? Is it Saturday already (We are keeping Gavin and Ellie then)? Why did she bring Alex (their German Shepherd)?

Zeppelin (left) and Lily cuddle during their ride from North Carolina.

I got out of bed, got dressed, grabbed my glasses and followed the barking sounds to the back door where I found Tammy.

I stood behind Tammy and looked down the stairs expecting to see a long-haired German Shepherd, but instead I saw a different dog and an unexpected head poking up from the basement.

It was Zeppelin (a Catahoula leopard) and Billy, Ashlee’s (my step-daughter) boyfriend, and my initial reaction was less than welcoming.

Me: (still groggy) Why are you here?
Billy: I dunno? Ashlee wanted to surprise you guys.
Me: (rubbing my head) That don’t make no sense.

Ashlee and Billy brought their greetings and dogs from North Carolina.

I turned and saw Jake standing behind me in his boxers. He had the same disheveled look on his face as I did and didn’t know why Ashlee and Billy were here.

Jake: What’s going on?
Me: I dunno. I think Ashlee’s here.

I headed back to the bedroom and got back into bed. Since it was almost time for Tammy to get up I figured she was getting ready for work. I got in bed, pulled the covers over me and realized that I didn’t even see Ashlee.

I got out of bed, made my way down to the basement and found Tammy talking to Ashlee and Billy who were already getting ready to crash on the pull-out couch. Their two dogs, Zeppelin and Lily, didn’t even see my as they were passed out from the trip.

Me: (slowly waving) Hi Ashlee.
Ashlee: (waving back and smiling) Hey Jason.
Me: I was about to lay down and realized I never saw you.
Ashlee: (laughing) It’s OK. I know you were sleeping.
Me: OK. I’m going back upstairs now.

At some point I added more water to the coffee pot because I knew Billy drank a lot of coffee, but I’m not sure if I did that before I went downstairs or after.

I didn’t make it back to sleep but I did have a big cup of coffee and eventually made it out of my haze.

I’m glad they made it safely here and I know Tammy is as well. Not sure what all we’ll do this week but I know we’ll have a good time doing it.

I also know that Zeppelin and Lily have already worn Savannah out and they’ve only been here a few hours.

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3 Responses to Why Are You Here?

  1. CaptKitty says:

    The hubby is a turtle un the morning. It tales him 20 minutes to get out of bed. Men are as slow as snails.

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